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In 1989 Grady Weston became Scuba certified after buying an Open Water certificate with his brother from a local auction. A year later his wife, Deb, and eldest son, Justin, became certified. His youngest son, Jared, became certified in 1994 rounding out the Weston family of certified Scuba divers.

In the late 90’s after several years of diving, the Weston’s were looking for further certifications coming up short. In 1997 Justin decided to become an instructor for SSI followed by Deb as an Assistant Instructor in 1998. In an 8x10 office, Extreme Sports Scuba came to life. In 2000, Justin switched to SDI as an open-water Scuba Instructor, followed by Grady in 2001 and Deb in 2004.

While in the 8x10 store, a SCUBAPRO rep came by and sold them on the SCUBAPRO line of diving equipment. With much success, they were informed they needed to find a larger location so in May 2003, Extreme Sports Scuba moved to its current location at 5203 S. Range Line Road and as they say, the rest is history.

Extreme Sports Inc, prides itself on safe, certified Scuba divers through SDI/TDI/ERDI. Please come by and talk to us so we can get you set up with the classes that best fit your needs.


Grady Weston certified to scuba dive in 1989. Continuing education prompted the family to open Extreme Sports Scuba in August 1997. He became an instructor in 2001. Grady and his son Justin's passion for rescue lead them to become ERDI (Emergency Response Diving International) instructors. Grady has logged well over 2,000 dives in a variety of settings, but states that Cozumel is his favorite dive destination. Grady is certified to teach from SDI open water through assistant instructor. He is also an Asst. Chief and board member of Newton County Rescue & Recovery.

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Deb Weston and her family own Extreme Sports Scuba. She certified to scuba dive in 1990, became an SSI assistant instructor in 1998 and a SDI instructor in 2004. Deb teaches a lot of the open water classes throughout the summer. She has logged over 2,000 dives and has traveled to many destinations in the Caribbean. Many of her photos from her dive trips are located in the dive shop on display. Come visit Deb in the dive shop any time through the week.

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Justin Weston certified in 1990 at the age of 13.  He became an SSI dive instructor in 1997.  Justin became a TDI Nitrox instructor the next year.  He started teaching SDI open water courses in 2000.  Most of his interest in diving has been in the public safety diving.  Justin specializes in teaching ERDI courses and water rescue. He is the Chief of Newton County Rescue & Recovery.


Jared Weston certified to scuba dive at the age of 12 in 1994. He has been a volunteer on several local fire departments and currently works as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic. Jared has completed his ERD1 certification and is a member of Newton County Rescue & Recovery. Jared is currently a Dive Master.

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Dan La Due certified to dive in 2003 to become a buddy for his daughter. Since 2003, Dan has not missed a single month in making a dive. Dan became a divemaster in 2006 and an SDI assistant instructor in 2008. Dan has logged over 2,400 dives and is an avid underwater photographer. He is also ERDI certified and Chief and board member of Newton County Rescue & Recovery.

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Doug Lord certified to dive in 1990 and has over 500 logged dives. Doug has earned certifications in Nitrox, Wreck, Night Diving, Limited Visibility, Deep, Rescue Diving, Dry Suit, and Dive Master. Doug became an SDI Assistant Dive Instructor in 2014. Doug enjoys underwater photography and helping with classrooms and pool sessions.

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Chuck Beaver certified to dive in 1993 to be a buddy for his son, logging over 800 dives. Chuck currently works part time at Extreme Sports, Inc. He became a dive master in 1998, an SDI Dive Master in 2011, and a SDI Assistant Instructor in 2016. Chuck brings a great deal of experience to our team. He likes underwater photography but most of all enjoys working with the students.

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Drake Weston may be the youngest staff member but he is far from inexperienced. He was able to put together and take apart equipment before he was certified in 2010 at the age of 10. Drake has additional certifications in NITROX and CPROX. He has dove in Cozumel and Bonaire as well as Mermet Springs and at Beaver Lake. He currently works part time.

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Mark Willoughby is the IT Diver. As of 2015, he adds SCUBAPRO Service Tech to his accomplishments. Mark was certified to Scuba Dive in July 2013. If you ask him, he can't get enough dives in in any given year. Mark has additional certifications in CPROX, NITROX, Wreck diving, Night/Limited Visibility Diving, Master Diver, and Solo.

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Nicole Willoughby is the Diver behind the blog, the diver behind social media, the diver behind the website, and she's behind the camera most of the time, both on land and in water. Nicole was certified in July 2013. She has received additional certifications in CPROX, NITROX, Wreck diving, Deep Diving, Advanced Diver, Rescue, Night/Limited, Master Diver, and Solo.

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Joshua Boothe has been canoeing and kayaking this area for 20 years. His father was a Missouri State BASSMASTER Champion in 1993. His father taught him how to tournament fish where he went on to win his first tournament at the age of 15 years old on the BASS local circuit. He has been fishing tournaments full time by kayak for 3 years. Since kayak fishing full time, he is a 3-time KBF National Championship qualifier, a 3 time YAK4IT Tournament of Champions Qualifier, and was the 2016 MoYAK Rooking of the Year, the 2017 MoYak Angler of the Year, and has 25 top 10 finishes.


Richard Crouch has been kayaking and paddle boarding in the area for about 2 years now. He has used kayaks for both recreational and fishing purposes. He has taken swift water safety classes in kayaking. In 2020 he became a FeelFree Kayak Brand Ambassador for Extreme Sports Scuba. He became a certified Scuba Diver in 2019. He's also a member of the Duenweg Volunteer Fire Department as well as Newton County Rescue and Recovery.


Diver Dog Pete is the friendly door greeter. Pete is the brother to Justin and Jared and the son of Deb and Grady. If you don't catch him at the shop he is either poolside or lakeside.


Come by and let our friendly staff get you started.